3 Suggestions to Help You Save Money on Gas

Try out these tips to spend less at the pump.

With gas prices continuously on the rise, drivers across the country are looking for ways to save.  Want to be more fuel-efficient and score the best deals when you fill-up?  Then try out these tips to spend less at the pump.

Reduce Your Drive Time

The most obvious way to save on gas is by driving less.  There are many ways that you can cut down on the time you spend behind the wheel.  For instance, you can try out the following:

  • Join a workplace carpool
  • Use public transportation
  • Plan errands so you can complete more in a single trip
  • Walk or bike to nearby locations
  • Try to drive during low-traffic times
  • Avoid congested areas as much as possible
  • Get rides with friends and family members

Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute to Fill-Up

If your gas meter is running low, then make sure you fill up before your indicator light goes off.  Filling up early will ensure that you have time to compare prices and choose the best deal.  When you wait till the last second to fill your tank, you are limited to whatever gas station is nearby, even if its prices are sky-high.

Join a Gas Rewards Program

Most major gas brands offer rewards programs that allow customers to earn credits and unlock discounts.  Enrolling in these programs is a great way to save, especially if you are someone who gasses up frequently.

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