4 Tips to Prevent Rear End Collisions

If you end up with a neck or back injury as a result of a rear end collision, you may be unable to work for some time. In many instances, victims end up suffering lifelong pain as a result of these types of collisions. Prevent being hit from behind with these simple tips.

  1. Use your rearview mirrors. When you check your mirrors often, it gives you time to avert a potential accident. For instance, if a vehicle is tailing too close, you can move to the other lane and give him time to pass.
  2. Check your brake lights regularly. When your brake lights are on the blitz, the drivers behind you won’t know when you’re planning to stop.
  3. Don’t fiddle with your cell phone. When you’re talking on the phone or texting, it keeps you from paying attention to the vehicles around you.
  4. Slow down before you stop. Making sudden stops is a sure way to get rear-ended. When you see a stop sign or red light ahead, start slowing down. This will give the vehicles behind you time to slow down too.

Keeping your brake lights in working order, using your mirrors, limiting distractions and avoiding sudden stops are just some of the ways you can prevent rear end collisions.

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