A New Way of Recording a Home’s Inventory

Insurance agents have always encouraged their clients to keep a complete inventory of their home and possessions. At one time it was a tedious task, list upon list of handwritten documentation. In recent years, however, things have gotten much simpler. With the introduction of digital media, homeowners can now make inventory lists using their camera or a small video recorder.

By using specifically designed software, a homeowner can go room by room, cataloging and photographing each and every item. Lists are completed in half the time and are uploaded to the owner’s account online. Details for each item are added, detailing date of purchase, price paid and approximate value. The lists can be updated whenever new items are purchased and old items are given away or sold.

If the homeowner must file a claim, all they have to do is retrieve their personal home inventory and present it to their insurance agent. Claims that are accompanied by a digital inventory list are processed and paid much quicker than those presented without one. Providing a complete and thoroughly detailed list takes the guess work out of what was actually lost and what needs to be replaced.