A Safe Ride Starts with Inspection

A safe ride on a motorcycle starts before you even get on the bike. You should be familiar with and practice the safety inspection protocols before each ride. Start by checking the air pressure in the tires. For an accurate read, check the pressure when the tires are cold. Your owner’s manual will include recommended pressure ratings. Examine the tread for any signs of excessive wear or bulging. Check the wheel bearings, spokes, and the seals as well. Make sure that each brake is functioning properly.

Test all of the lights and the electrical system. Your lights are vital for visibility. All cables, hoses and switches need to be in good condition. Check the oil and coolant levels and inspect around the bike for any signs of leaks. Check the owner’s manual for your bike’s recommended suspension settings and be sure that they are correct. The tension spring on the side stand should be tight enough to hold it whether it is extended or secured against the bike. Tighten the spring if necessary to avoid injury if it comes loose. Finally, make sure that your bike is protected with motorcycle insurance. Call Mike Leonard Insurance for rates and information.