Alternative Green Home Cleaning Solutions

Keep your home sparkling and benefit the planet with these green cleaning solutions.

Raised on the standard home cleaning products, many of us don’t think twice about what’s actually in them. When we see a smudge on the glass, we reach for the closest glass cleaner we have, typically Windex. Little do we know, these cleaning products are loaded with chemicals that can be extremely toxic.

Whether you’re preparing your new home, scrubbing for spring, or performing your daily cleaning, there are natural, everyday ingredients that you can turn into cleaning products! Skip the harsh chemicals, the toxic fumes, and dangerous ingredients for these simple, effective, and natural substitutes.

Wood Polish

  • The go-to: Pledge
    Full of hydrocarbons, this furniture polish can cause dizziness, labored breathing, stomach ache, and other symptoms if ingested!
  • The green cleaning solution: dish soap, lemon oil, and water.
    This brings out the luster of your wood tables!

Glass Cleaner

  • The go to:
    While this is a common solution for cleaning your windows, Windex contains ammonium hydroxide, a chemical that can irritate your eyes. This can be dangerous and harmful if inhaled.
  • The green cleaning solution: vinegar and water.
    Use this on windows and glass surfaces with this mixture of natural ingredients will result in the same streak-free shine of Windex fame – without the ammonia!

Bathtub Cleaner

  • The go-to: Comet
    This contains over 100 chemical ingredients – enough said!
  • The green cleaning solutions: baking soda, vinegar, and liquid soap.
    This carcinogen-free scrub cuts through tough soap scum and grime.

With all of these products already in your home, cleaning has never been more natural, affordable, and effective.

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