Are You As Good a Driver as You Think?

Let’s face it: it’s a rare bad driver who actually believes that they’re a bad driver. Most drivers, regardless of skill, think that they’re excellent drivers. There are a few things that all good drivers should know, and if you aren’t aware of these driving tips you may not be as good as you think.

Almost everyone knows that you need to slow down when a yellow light is shown, except if you’re in an intersection, but do you know that it’s bad to keep your foot over the brake pedal? People often do this out of habit, but it’s actually bad for your vehicle.

Almost half of all drivers aren’t aware that you need to be at least a car door’s width away from any vehicles that are parked to your right. This is to ensure that you don’t hit anyone exiting their car. You should also know that 30 miles per hour is the lowest speed at which hydroplaning can occur, and that roads are the most slippery after the first rain following a dry period.

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