Safety & Homeowners Insurance Tips For The Summer’s End

Keep your home safe with this guide.  

The days are already growing shorter, but that doesn’t mean your summer fun has to be over just yet. In fact, there are still plenty of opportunities to gather your friends and family and host a backyard gathering to take advantage of our warm evenings. When you host your party celebrating the summer’s end, use these safety tips for homeowners to keep yourself, your house, and your guests safe.

  • Flame Containment: If you will be using your outdoor fire pit or fireplace at your gathering, make sure there is an adult who will keep an eye on the flame while it is burning. Make sure there is a barrier around the fire to keep people and spills out, and keep all flammable materials at least three feet from the fire.
  • Grill Alignment: Your grill should never be lit within ten feet of your house (buy a longer gas hose if you need). If you have your grill placed on your deck, make sure its legs are not thin enough to slip between your deck boards. After you are done grilling, wait until the following day to empty out the cooled ashes.
  • Light Arrangement: If you are going to use hanging lanterns, light them with battery-operated candles rather than actual flames to minimize fire hazards. These battery-operated candles are great in all of your candle holders, in fact! If you do not like the look of them, make sure the candle holder in which you light the flame is heavy and sturdy and placed on a stable table.

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