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Insurance in Frisco, TX
Why Choose The Mike Leonard Agency in Frisco,TX?

Auto Insurance in Frisco, TX

Life is nothing if not unpredictable. You know this from your time on the road. When you are traveling throughout Texas and beyond, youLr travel from Point A to Point B is usually smooth. There are always those days, though, when the unforeseen occurs. Whether that is getting into a fender-bender, experiencing a flat tire, or just running out of gas, a little forethought can help you overcome an unexpected hiccup.

By carrying Frisco, TX auto insurance, you can ensure that no incident becomes an issue. At Mike Leonard Insurance Agency, we are experts on protecting you against the dangers and expenses many drivers face. From collision coverage to get your car into road-worthy shape again to liability coverage to ensure you are not on the hook for an injured party’s medical bills to comprehensive coverage to repay you if your car gets stolen, we are here.

For all of your auto insurance needs in Frisco, TX, contact our expert team today. We are here to help safeguard you so that you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected no matter what lies on the road ahead.

Homeowners Insurance Carrollton TX
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Homeowners Insurance Frisco, TX

You may be thinking that this type of coverage might be able to ease your mind about troubles with your vehicle, but you have more pressing concerns. Namely, you are worried about your biggest financial investment: your home. Fortunately, we are here to help you protect that area of your life as well. For the coverage you need to safeguard the house that safeguards your family, call us. We are experts on Frisco, TX homeowners insurance coverage and are here to help protect you against the unique exposures of our local area. We have been serving families in Frisco, TX for over three decades and can pull from our extensive industry and community experience to best serve you.

You have worked hard to put the roof over your family’s head and give them all of the comforts they currently enjoy. Why would you leave yourself in a situation where all of that effort could be swept away by a single disaster?

To get the coverage you need to ensure no lawsuit, thief, or natural disaster can destroy your quality of life, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We are dedicated to getting you the right level of homeowners insurance. For all of your coverage needs in Frisco, TX, do not wait to call us today!

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