How to Avoid the Most Common Car Accidents

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Unfortunately, car accidents and filing car insurance claims are common dilemmas motorists are faced with. With many of us falling victim to the most common driving distractions, including our cell phones, the roads inherently become a more dangerous place to travel. We want you to remain safe behind the wheel, which is why we have gathered a list of the most common car accidents and how to avoid these collisions:

  • Rear-Ending Collisions – Since many of us see no harm in looking down at our phones or the radio for a quick second, rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents. It is important that you realize that being distracted for even a split second can leave behind tragic consequences.
  • Parking Lot Accidents – Backing out of your parking place can be treacherous during busy periods.  When backing out your space you are responsible for maintaining visual contact of your surroundings at all time.  Frequently the car that you may collide with is a car backing out of another parking space directly behind you.  These claims often result in each person having to repair their own car unless one of the drivers admit fault.
  • Hydroplaning – Failure to provide your car with the maintenance it requires to survive the wet and icy winter roads can lead to hydroplaning accidents. Additionally, many motorists fail to realize the importance of slowing down during unfavorable weather conditions. Being a few minutes late to avoid a collision is well worth the reduction of five to ten miles per hour.
  • Side-Impact Collisions – While you may find no harm in speeding through an intersection with a yellow light, this is extremely dangerous and can cause fatal results. When you follow speed limits, the lights will act in your favor.

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