The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Auto Insurance Coppell TXWhile you may be inclined to view drowsy driving as no big deal, drowsy driving is similar to driving while intoxicated. Depending on how much sleep you have been deprived of, your drowsy driving may be equivalent to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08%! This is an extremely dangerous habit that far too many individuals partake in. We want you and others to remain safe on the roads, which is why we have gathered these important safety tips for deciding when to pull over and take a nap:

  • If you find that you do not remember the last few minutes on the road because you have been daydreaming, you should pull over to regain consciousness. Disconnected thoughts on the road make it impossible for you to concentrate.
  • If you are driving in a similar fashion as an intoxicated motorist, it is time to pull over. This means tailgating other drivers, hitting the shoulder rumble strip, or drifting out of your lane. Simply pull over, have a coffee, or take a nap.
  • If you have been awake for any length close to 18 hours, you should not be driving. Sleep deprivation is extremely dangerous, especially when you try to navigate the open roads. Make sure to take a nap before hitting the roads if you have been deprived of sleep.
  • Most importantly, if you feel at any point that you may not be equipped for driving, stop. Missing one event is far better than causing a serious accident because you chose to drive drowsy.

Make the smart choice and do not drive if you are drowsy! Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in Carrollton for all of your Texas auto insurance needs. We have been providing Texan residents with unparalleled security since 1982 and will provide you with the same level of service our satisfied customers have been receiving all these years.