Auto Insurance in Coppell, TX

When living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the quiet community of Coppell is an attractive option. After all, Coppell, TX offers a thriving local economy with all the big city benefits of Dallas. There is one drawback to suburban life in Texas — transportation. It is tough to make the commute to work without a vehicle.

The state of Texas requires every car owner have car insurance to protect other drivers on the road. Since your transportation is such a large part of your life, you want good insurance to protect your car from damages. Good, practical auto insurance doesn’t have to be a budget burner. Take the time to research your options and customize the cheapest plan right for you.

Car Insurance Coppell Residents Have Available Options

Protect your auto investment by understanding the options for cheap insurance coverage beyond just the minimum. Your Coppell, Texas auto insurance dealer can help pinpoint features that add to your policy and provide comprehensive coverage while still staying within budget.

Collision – Covers your car when in an accident with another vehicle or any other object.

Comprehensive – This addition focuses on damage done other than a collision.  For example, natural disasters like hail or floods would fall under the comprehensive purview.

Rental – This pays off when your car needs repairs due to a covered loss and you must rent a vehicle.

Towing – This pays towing costs of your car when necessary.

Medical – Covers medical bills for you and anyone else riding in the car if there is an accident.

Think Bigger When It Comes to Coppell Car Insurance

When looking to reduce your premiums or expand your coverage, Mike Leonard has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years and is waiting for your call. Contact the team at 972-394-2000 or visit them online to get the most out of your insurance, both home and auto.

At Mike Leonard Insurance Agency, we are proud to provide you a free quote with top companies who offer excellent policies at the best price for homeowners insurance and auto insurance products. We have been assisting residents of Coppell, TX with all of their insurance needs for well over 30 years and are eager to help you as well!