How To Guide: Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents

Avoiding Accidents In The Parking Lot

When you think of a car accident you probably picture the major pileups we occasionally see on the freeway, but a lot of accidents actually occur in a much more controlled environment: in the parking lot.

So you can avoid the hassle that comes with these common fender benders, here are a few tips for avoiding accidents in the parking lot.

  • Go Slow: Unfortunately, not everyone is careful in the parking lot. That means that it is up to you to be able to safely veer out of the way, brake, or take other necessary steps to avoid an accident. It will be much easier to respond to a potential accident safely if you are driving slowly.
  • Stay Alert: It can be tempting to go into auto pilot when you are in a nearly empty parking lot. The problem is that other drivers likely will, too. Avoid an unnecessary accident by always using your eyes, ears, and mirrors to watch for dangers.
  • Create A Buffer: Obviously, parking further from other cars minimizes the chances they will damage your own vehicle. That might mean parking towards the back or top of the lot and walking a little further, but the extra steps are good for your heart and worth it to protect your car against scratches and dings. Also, keep your distance from stray carts in the parking lot; they can cause a surprising amount of damage.
  • Pull All The Way Through Head On Parking:  You can reduce your odds dramatically in having a parking lot incident if you are pulling out head on as opposed to backing out.

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