Backing Into Trouble: Accidents While Reversing

One of the hardest things to do in a car is backing up. It involves switching from the relatively expansive view you have through the windshield and, in most cases, turning your head uncomfortably to look behind you and using a variety of mirrors, cameras and the often unwanted assistance of your passengers to do it safely and correctly. The only silver lining is that accidents that happen while backing up are usually not as serious as head-on collisions, since there is usually not much speed involved. Often these reverse accidents happen in parking lots, where one car is leaving a parking space and another is looking for one.

To help prevent accidents in reverse, begin before you even start to drive by making sure that your mirrors are set correctly and comfortably. When it’s time to back up, check your mirrors first, then check your “blind spots” through the side windows and then turn to look through the rear window while reversing–put your hand on the back of the passenger seat to make it easier. Don’t assume that other cars know that you’re backing up–if I car is coming up fast, pull forward if you must to get out of the way.

To make sure that you’re prepared for accidents, whether it’s a reverse collision or a head-on collision, you need to make sure that you have good auto insurance. In Carrollton, Texas, you can call Mike Leonard Insurance to get a quote on auto insurance or home insurance. Do it before you back into trouble!