Make Your Home’s Safety a Priority with These Burglary Prevention Tips

Use these burglary prevention tips to keep your home safe.

Your home is vulnerable to a multitude of threats, including home burglaries. Keeping your home safe from burglaries is a top priority. Check out these burglary prevention tips so that you can keep your home as safe as can be.

Keep the Lights On.

When it comes to reducing your risk for a break-in, creating the illusion that someone is home can do the trick. When someone is home, the risk for a burglary decreases significantly. Set several lights in your home on a timer so that they turn on automatically.

Use Landscaping to Your Advantage.

Keep your yard well-maintained to help reduce the risk of a break-in. The more unkempt your yard, the greater the likelihood of a home burglary. Plus, it provides cover for burglars to hide. Keep it well-tended to, and install thorny vegetation under windows to discourage break-ins.

Be Mindful of Your Trash.

When it comes to preventing a burglary, don’t advertise what you’ve got in your home. After buying an expensive item, it’s important that you’re mindful about throwing away your trash. Putting the box in the trash before trash day can indicate to burglars that you have something inside your home that’s worth stealing. Wait until trash collection day to throw out boxes, turn boxes inside out to make the boxes look more generic, and ensure that you keep valuables locked away safely.

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