7 Tips for Handling Road Rage

Man Expressing Road RageNearly every time you are on the road, you witness some form of road rage from other drivers. Whether that road rage is carried out by cutting someone off, honking, or even the finger, road rage is discourteous and always dangerous. Your first reaction may be to respond with a lay on the horn or to shout a curse, but it is better to let it go and not allow yourself to get so angry. You may find it difficult to refrain from responding to drivers with unnecessary road rage because it is much easier said than done. Take these 7 tips into consideration to lessen the effects of road rage during your daily commute:

  1. First, take a DEEP breath.
  2. Next, release that deep breath.
  3. Repeat steps one and two.
  4. Next, imagine a person you care about dearly and love.
  5. Now, imagine that person has just called you and told you they are in desperate need of your assistance.
  6. With that scenario in mind, imagine how you would be driving in that situation.
  7. With this realization, you can imagine how the person who just angered you with their rushed, aggressive driving is feeling. They may be in an emergency situation and are blaming anyone in their way for the issue.

Extreme cases of road rage often lead to acts of violence and dangerous driving conditions. Like everything in life, you don’t know how bad another person may have it. The man who just cut you off for driving too slow in his lane may be rushing to the hospital to be by his wife’s side during labor. Rather than letting your emotions get the best of you and reacting to road rage, it is best to take a second to put yourself in their shoes and relax. Responding to aggressive drivers only fuels the fire and creates a hazardous environment for everyone on the road.

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