Knowing When It’s Time To Hand Over The Keys

Carrollton Auto Insurance

As we age, we tend to have difficulties letting go of our freedom and independence. One of the most challenging to give up is the little piece of plastic we were handed back when we turned 16. When it becomes dangerous for you to drive, it is time to hand over your driver’s license. Follow these helpful tips to ease the process and determine whether or not it is time for you to hand over the keys:

  • Schedule annual checkups to have your hearing and vision tested. Your doctor will give you their honest opinion about whether or not it is time for you to stop driving. It is important that you follow all doctor recommendations to ensure safety.
  • Ask a family member to go along for a ride with you. Once you return home, ask your passenger how you drove. Choose someone that will be honest with you if you were slow to react to headlights or any other hindrances.
  • If you are suddenly getting more tickets than ever before for little mistakes you would not have been doing in the past, maybe it is time to hand over the keys.
  • If any family member approaches you, it is important that you keep in mind that their concerns are coming from a loving place. They are not trying to steal your independence, rather, they are trying to keep someone they love very much safe. It is important that you refrain from lashing out.
  • Most importantly, keep in mind that this is a natural part of life and there is no reason to get upset about it.

By working with an agent with whom you trust, you can rest assured that your best interests will be met regarding your long term needs. Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency for all of your Carrollton, Texas auto insurance needs.