5 Tips To Decrease Your Chances Of Having a Car Break In

Carrollton Auto Theft Prevention Tips

Have you ever returned to your vehicle to find it ransacked with a broken window? This can be one of the most frustrating incidents because although you left your Prada sunglass case in clear sight, the glasses were actually with you. Now, you are faced with the repair costs of the damages, and the thief did not even come out on top with something valuable. There are a variety of precautionary measures you can take to reduce your chances of having your car broken into, including:

  1. While this may seem obvious, you must lock your car doors no matter how long you will be gone. Just running in really quick to grab a pack of gum? Lock your doors!
  2. No matter how many times your mother told you, you tend to forget this crucial fact; when valuables are in clear sight, criminals are eager to find out what they can snatch. Valuables in clear sight also tell a criminal that the reward will be worth the risk. If your purse is sitting in the backseat, a burglar will likely break in to collect your most valuable belongings and personal information.
  3. Thieves will search for visible chargers and GPS wires because they know you have probably only hidden the expensive item itself. However, if you have an iPod charger laying out, chances are there is an iPod close by.
  4. Refrain from parking in between two large vehicles, because it provides thieves with the perfect space to take their time breaking in, as visibility is decreased for outsiders.
  5. As convenient as it may be when you lock yourself out, do not store a spare key on your car. Rather, give your spare key to someone you trust who lives locally.

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