Common Areas & Times When Car Accidents Occur

Carrollton Car Accidents and Insurance

While there is no defined way to prevent car accidents from occurring, there are certain situations and locations that you can avoid to reduce the probability. Gathered are some helpful tips to raise your awareness of why and where car accidents most commonly happen:

  • While you may think that you are more at risk for being involved in a car accident on your cross-county road trip, the majority of car accidents happen within 25 miles of your neighborhood. Since you are more inclined to relax in the familiar settings, drive without your seat belt on, and partake in distracted driving habits when you are closer to home, car accidents become more prevalent when you hit a 25 mile radius of your home.
  • During rush hour, there are more cars on the road, meaning more dangers on the road. As everyone is rushing to get home from work, you can expect there to be an increased chance of being involved in a car accident. Those few hours where everyone is itching to get home to their families and dinner prove to be the most dangerous.
  • While you may think that the urban roads filled with everyday drivers and commuters are most dangerous, rural roads tend to present unique dangers. Many car accidents that happen on rural roads are more severe, as one is more likely to lose control of their vehicle due to environmental factors. Likewise, it is more difficult for emergency responders to tend to car accidents in rural areas.

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