Common Homeowners Liability Claims to Avoid

Carrollton Homeowners InsuranceMany homeowners don’t realize how common liability claims are. Whether you have avoided liability claims out of pure luck or because you have sound preventative measures in place, it’s important that homeowners have an insurance policy in place that limits those liability risks! There are a variety of common claims that you can actually avoid by conducting the necessary preventative measures. These common claims include:

  • As sweet as your furry family member may be behind closed doors, you never know how they will react when they feel threatened. Many of our pooches will do anything to protect us, including biting a guest who is acting aggressive towards you. This likelihood extends whether you have a Doberman or a Chihuahua. To reduce your chances of this common homeowners liability claim, enroll your pups in obedience training.
  • Home injury claims are unfortunately very common. Some uninvited salespersons can actually sue a homeowner after they have slipped and injured themselves on the ice that leads to your door.
  • While you may think that having a party at your house is a cost effective way to have some fun and celebrate, you have increased liability risks when you invite guests to consume alcohol in your home. If any of the guests drive intoxicated after leaving your house party, you’re vulnerable to social host liability laws. We recommend hiring a professional bartender who can collect keys at the bar and limit alcohol consumption.
  • A very common liability claim occurs when a domestic worker becomes injured on your property. For example, if any cleaning staff or gardeners slip and injure themselves, you will likely be held liable for all injuries.

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