Scheduled Personal Property Coverage for Homeowners

Carrollton Insurance for Valuables

While everyone tells you that obtaining homeowners’ insurance is the most vital part of homeownership, there are a variety of other responsibilities you take on. Many homeowners fail to acknowledge their role in the homeowners’ insurance realm, leaving them clueless to what exactly is covered. If someone were to break into your home and take the piece of art hanging in your office worth $20,000, or take your safe of expensive firearms, would your homeowners’ insurance policy provide you with coverage and reimbursement? The standard homeowners’ insurance policy will not suffice for homeowners who have certain valuables.

In order to receive guaranteed protection for your most important and expensive items, you must have your items scheduled. Scheduled personal property coverage will provide your most valuable items with an extra layer of protection. Scheduled items receive a unique level of protection, and at an affordable rate. In order to have your items scheduled, you must first acquire an appraisal from a professional. Once obtained, you must submit the appraisal to your homeowners’ insurance provider for approval. Once approved, you receive coverage for all of your scheduled items.

As if the benefits you receive from scheduling your valuables have not been highlighted enough already, your scheduled items will be reimbursed to you at replacement cost, as opposed to actual cash value. This means that any scheduled items will be reimbursed to you for the amount that they were appraised for. Many homeowners are relieved to hear that all scheduled items receive coverage even if they are misplaced, stolen, or damaged. Anything that causes your prized possessions harm will be covered.  In addition there is no deductible on scheduled items.

Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in Carrollton for all of your Texas homeowners’ insurance needs. We can help provide you with the guarantee that your scheduled items will receive unparalleled protection from all perils. Insuring valuables can be made easy with Mike Leonard Insurance Agency.