Pest Control for the Summertime

pest control summer TexasRising heat calls for an increase in pest presence. Different pests post different risks; stinkbugs are merely gross, whereas wasps and roaches pose health risks and carpenter ants and termites leave you will thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. Typical homeowners spend around $8,600 for repair and prevention for termite infestation. Preventative measures and early action are crucial to eliminating house pests. Compiled are tips on how to handle and prevent these pesky situations:

  • Dry it out – Damp locations in and around the home are perfect nesting grounds for many unwanted pests such as carpenter ants and roaches. Properly maintained appliances such as sinks, refrigerators, and washing machines can help you avoid damp welcoming situations. Standing water under plants in trays or under your pets’ water bowls can also provide warm, damp areas for unwanted pests.
  • Seal cracks – Stinkbugs, termites, and wasps are safe when they are nowhere near your home. The problem is keeping those unwanted visitors outside. If you have a firewood bin or yard waste container, be sure to keep it at least three feet from your home’s exterior walls to avoid termites. Garden mulch should be kept at least two feet away from your home’s exterior as well. Repair all tears in doors or window screens. You may want to hire a handyman to caulk holes in siding, apply weather stripping to doors or to repair cracks in your floors or porches.
  • Ask a professional – If your neighbors are having issues with carpenter ants or termites, you may want to have a pro inspect your property. If these issues are common in your neighborhood, you may want to schedule an annual inspection.

Taking preventative measures are your best bet at avoiding pests from invading your home. Prevention and early action help you save money and keep your home free of pests. If you see more than a few stinkbugs or roaches, it is best to call a professional. If you see a cluster of insect wings near windows and doors, you likely have termites. Piles of sawdust near baseboards mean carpenter ants have invaded. Large hives around the exterior of your home mean you have wasps. Your best bet is to call a professional when any of these situations arise to prevent the invasion from escalating.

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