How To Safely Share The Road With Semi Trucks

Carrollton Safely Tips for Driving with Semi-Trucks

Every motorist knows the feeling of anxiety as they pass a semi-truck on the highway. There is no reason to panic! When passenger cars learn to share the road with trucks safely, fears can be diminished and collisions can be prevented.

When driving next to an 18-wheeler, you must remember that:

  • Their blind spot is way bigger than yours
  • The semi-truck will require much more space to maneuver
  • The semi-truck will require additional time and distance in order to stop safely
  • It will take you longer to pass them than a standard-sized vehicle

Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks:

  • If you are passing a truck on the freeway, you will want to maintain a steady speed. Be sure to keep the cab of the semi-truck in sight before you maneuver in front of the truck. Refrain from passing from the right, as visibility is limited.
  • If a semi-truck is trying to pass you, it is important that you reduce your speed so that they can maintain a safe speed while passing. You are creating a dangerous situation if you speed up.
  • You should never tailgate a semi-truck. You reduce visibility when doing so and make for a dangerous situation if they need to suddenly need to use their brakes.
  • Never cut off a semi-truck, because they need additional time and distance to stop.
  • Keep in mind that semi-trucks require more room to safely turn right so they tend to swerve outwards before turning. Allow them to use the space for a safe turn.

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