Preventing Burglars with Landscaping

Trimming shrubs scissorsPreventing a burglary in your home is one of the biggest concerns for most homeowners. With most burglaries occurring between 10 am and 3 pm, when the house is empty, it is important to do everything you can to deter potential burglars. Following these small landscaping tips can help keep your home safe when you are not home.

  • Cover the ground under windows with gravel. Gravel makes a lot of noise when walked on which will draw attention to a potential burglar.
  • Plant low, thorny bushes beneath windows. The thought of unwanted pain is enough to make a burglar pass up your house. Bougainvillea and roses are good choices, but for a lower maintenance option any large succulent will work. Keep all plants under 3 feet so that there are no hiding places and neighbors can see into your home.
  • Make your home appear occupied while away. Set some inside lights on a timer so that they go on when it gets dark outside. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail while you are gone, or put a hold on it at the Post Office, so it does not pile up. Leave a car in your driveway or carport if possible.
  • Request the help of the police. Most police stations will provide random drive-bys while you are away to make sure everything stays safe.
  • Light up dark exteriors with sensor lights. Solar lights are ideal since you do not have to worry about batteries or connecting them to a power source. The brighter an area is, the less likely a burglar will stick around.

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