Test and Replace Your Smoke Alarm Battery!

If you haven’t already done it, it’s time to change the battery in your smoke detector. Typically, PSAs remind you to do this when it’s time to “fall back,” which is when we switch from Daylight Saving Time to standard time. That extra hour you get is perfect for sleep, but don’t forget your smoke alarm, either!

When you replace your battery, test your detector to make sure it still works. This is also a good time to consider whether your smoke alarm is placed in an effective position. For example, every sleeping area should have a smoke alarm outside the door to wake people if there’s a potential fire. If you’ve recently remodeled, you may have forgotten to add another alarm.

Of course, smoke alarms aren’t the only way to protect your house or the possessions and loved ones that it contains. Texas residents can contact Mike Leonard Insurance to get a quote or review your coverage to make sure you’ve got the best home or renter’s insurance plan for your needs.