Amp Up Your Cyber Security

Cyberattack Risks Protection

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft With These Guidelines

With increasing availability of products online and Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, many are taking their holiday shopping to the Internet this year. Who can pass on such an opportunity when shipping is free and lines are nonexistent? The effort to save a trip to the mall can result in a huge headache, though, if you become the victim of identity theft. To aid you in preventing cyber-attacks we would like to offer the following reminders.

  1. Monitor Your Activity: If you have multiple banks with multiple complicated logins, it can be tempting to only check your accounts bi-weekly or less. Remember, however, that with two weeks of access to your accounts an identity thief could do a great deal of damage. Check your account activity regularly so you can red flag suspicious activity right away.
  2. Password Protect: If any of your accounts offer an extra layer of protection (e.g. a password and a pin), use it. Take advantage of any opportunities to build extra layers of protection online to minimize your cyber risk. Create strong passwords with special characters and change them regularly. Do not use the same password across multiple sites.
  3. Be Suspicious: You have seen it before- the email from a colleague or acquaintance that looks a little odd. Although it may seem awkward to contact the person and confirm that they were the originator of that email, it can be worth your while as many phishing scams come in via email. Never give out any personal information in the Internet.

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