When To Drive & When Not To Drive – That Is The Question

Avoiding The Most Dangerous Times To Be Driving

There are always risks and dangers on the road, but did you know there are calculations that show when the absolute most dangerous times to be driving are? We have gathered a list of the most dangerous times to be driving so that you can either avoid these problematic times or keep your eyes peeled for danger.

Most Dangerous Times To Be Driving:

  • Time of Day – The most dangerous hours of the day are between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., especially in congested areas where rush hour has an impact. Daily commuters who are tired from a long day at work make the roads more dangerous as they long to arrive at home and away from work.
  • Days of the Week – Did you know that Saturdays are the most dangerous days to drive? This is because nearly twice the number of fatal car accidents take place on Saturdays in comparison to weekday averages.
  • Month – Unfortunately, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day has proven to be the most dangerous period of time for both experienced and inexperienced drivers. However, August has been labeled the most dangerous month for drivers of the year.
  • Date – Whether you are attending a BBQ, staying at your lake house, or simply enjoying a night-in, make sure to leave your keys at the door on the 4th of July. This holiday has been labeled the most catastrophic driving day due to the number of fatal collisions on Independence Day.
  • Holiday Weekend – While every holiday weekend brings unique dangers since everyone is rushing to and from their favorite destinations, Thanksgiving weekend is known as the most dangerous of them all. Be sure to drive extra cautiously as you journey to enjoy your turkey dinner.

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