Driving Distractions can be Lethal

A distraction is something that takes your attention away from what you were thinking about–in this case, away from driving. Distractions are obviously dangerous while driving. At highway speeds they can easily be fatal. Anything can act as a distraction, such as putting on makeup, daydreaming, or roadside events and signage that grabs your attention. Listed below are some of the worst offenders that can take your concentration away from the road ahead.

  • Food and beverages

Far more dangerous than most people realize, eating while driving can divert your attention at just the wrong moment. It’s better to pull over to eat.

  • Passenger interaction

This can be distracting to the driver even though only others are conversing, but even worse if the driver is involved. And it also pertains to any driver responsibility for children or pets in the vehicle.

  • Entertainment and electronics

Avoid any unnecessary "entertainment" diversions. Music can be a great way to pass the time, but if you are changing settings on some device you are not looking at the road.

  • Cell phones, texting and social media

The worst offender is cell phone use. Whether talking, texting, or searching online, this distraction is deadly. It takes far more time to text a simple comment than most people realize. It can take just enough time to kill you or someone else. The National Safety Council estimates that one out of four crashes involve some cell phone use, and texting is many times more likely to cause a crash than even intoxication, due to the length of the time your attention is diverted.

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