Driving Safety Tips: Clear Foggy Windshield & Carry Car Insurance in Frisco, TX

Don’t let spring showers wash away your visibility. Use these tips to banish foggy windshields, and make sure you have the right car insurance in Frisco, TX.

Spring showers are common, but you have quality wiper blades to ensure that the rain doesn’t compromise your visibility out on the road. With the rain, however, comes another vision hazard, a foggy windshield. If you want to stay safe on the road this spring, use these tips for dealing with foggy windshields and carry car insurance in Frisco, TX.

Know the cause.

Fog builds up on your windshield when there is a high contrast between temperatures inside and outside your car. The moisture in the warmer area – be it out or inside your car – condenses into fog when it comes into contact with the glass that’s cold from the other area.

On a cold day:

Lower the temperature inside your car to minimize fog buildup. Want to stay cozy? Turn your defroster on and make sure your car’s recirculate feature is off so your vehicle’s ventilation is pulling dry air from outside to banish the moisture on your inner windshield.

On a warm day:

When the outdoors temperature is hotter than the temperature in your car, moisture can build up on your windshield exterior, creating fog. Your windshield wipers should give you a quick-fix option, but turning your AC down or off entirely will help minimize fog and improve visibility. You still want the recirculate feature off, though, so the moisture levels in and outside your car can balance out.

So you can focus on seeing out your windshield, let us focus on getting you the right car insurance in Frisco, TX to keep you safe on the road. Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency for car coverage, and we’ll find you a policy from one of our carriers: Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, or American Strategic Insurance.