Homeowners Insurance in Coppell, TX and Fire Safety Tips Will Help You Avoid Catastrophe!

Want to avoid a disaster? Use homeowners insurance in Coppell, TX and this fire safety guide.

As the weather cools off, your risk of fires heats up. In fact, the US Fire Administration reports that home fires are most common during the winter. Don’t become another one of their statistics! With these fire safety tips and your homeowners insurance in Coppell, TX, you’ll be able to avoid a fiery catastrophe.

The top three culprits for winter home fires are electrical problems, heating equipment issues, and cooking accidents. Here are your steps to avoiding each hazard.

Electrical Problems

Use light bulbs that meet the requirements of that specific fixture. Choose electricity-powered products that have been approved by a safety laboratory. If your lights flicker or dim, outlet plates or cords feel warm, or fuses regularly blow, you’re probably experiencing electrical issues. Deal with them now by calling an electrician to come inspect your home!

Heating Equipment Issues

Make sure your heating equipment is inspected and cleaned by a professional each year. If you have to use space heaters, keep them three feet away from anything flammable and always turn them off before you leave the room. Also, keep a metal grate in front of your fireplace.

Cooking Accidents

If you leave something in the oven or simmering on the stove, set a timer. Never leave the kitchen when your stovetop is on. Have a lid handy to smother grease fires and clean up any spills to avoid grease buildup.

If a fire does break out in your home, the good news is that your homeowners insurance in Coppell, TX can help your family rise out of the ashes without a financial burden on your shoulders. For more information, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. Our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance offer great North Texas homeowners insurance that we can tailor to your specific needs and risks.