Check Out These Flu Season Office Tips to Help Keep You from Getting Sick

Protect yourself from getting sick with these flu season office tips!

Your health is important. But, despite all your efforts to stay germ-free, sometimes you succumb to office germs. In close quarters, it’s no wonder germs spread like wildfire. Minimize your risk for getting sick at work. Check out these flu season office tips to help you stave off the illness in the workplace.

Encourage Flu Shots.

Perhaps one of your best defenses against the flu is the flu shot. It helps your body prepare for some of the most common strains of the flu. That way you can reduce your risk for getting the flu. Additionally, it helps to keep people who cannot get the flu shot safer. Encourage your employees to talk to their doctors about getting a flu shot.

Teach Your Employees About Flu Symptoms.

A cough and runny nose are common of many ailments. However, when paired with other symptoms, they can be indicative of the flu. Teach your employees about what they need to look out for so that they know when to stay home. Additionally, encourage employees to stay home when sick to avoid spreading germs throughout the entire office.

Hand Hygiene.

Frequent hand washing is a great way to keep germs at bay. Promote good hand hygiene throughout the office. Ensure that all your bathrooms have plenty of soap and reminders to wash for a good 20 seconds. Additionally, supply hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the office, especially in areas with high traffic, to help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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