Add These Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally To Your Daily Diet

Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Reducing Cholesterol Levels The Healthy & Natural Way

The New Year has arrived which means many individuals are trying to transform their lifestyle so that they can stay healthy year after year. In doing so, you have likely seen your doctor for your annual physical. If this visit came with the unpleasant news that it is time to lower your cholesterol, do not panic! We have formulated a list of foods that lower cholesterol naturally, so that you can still enjoy all of your favorites:

  • Oats – It may take the simple act of altering your morning meal to lower cholesterol levels in your body. By enjoying two servings of oats a day, you can lower your cholesterol in just a few weeks!
  • Red Wine – We all need an excuse to enjoy this favorite! It turns out that red wine contains high-fiber Tempranillo, which can help you lower your cholesterol. Therefore, bring out the red for dinner to take in your daily dose of medicine!
  • Tea – There are so many health benefits of tea that there is no reason not to consume it daily. Whether you enjoy green tea or black tea, the healthy benefits are abundant!
  • Garlic – This delicious flavor enhancer has the ability to not only lower cholesterol, but prevent blood clots, prevent infections, and reduce blood pressure as well. Try to indulge on two to four cloves a day in your meals.
  • Spinach – Even if you do not love the taste of raw or cooked spinach, you can add this nutritious veggie to your smoothies to start lowering your cholesterol. Spinach provides a wide range of health benefits, including prevention against age-related macular degeneration, blindness, and heart disease.

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