Don’t Overlook Your Garage! Check Out These Garage Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Use these garage safety tips to keep your home safe from disaster.

When it comes to protecting our homes, we take plenty of precautionary measures. From conducting routine inspections to installing security systems, we all have our own methods for securing our homes. However, we sometimes forget about securing our garages. As a part of our home, we often pay it little attention. But, your garage may pose a threat to the safety of your home. Check out these garage safety tips so that you can keep all parts of your home safe.

Be Aware of Fire Safety.

Your garage is an epicenter of flammable items. From paint cans to garden fertilizer to cleaning chemicals, when you store flammable chemicals in your garage, it’s important to use extreme caution. Ensure that you know what chemicals you’re keeping in your garage and keep any chemicals that may interact, far away from each other. Properly dispose of any materials that you no longer need, and always keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

Reduce Clutter-Hazard.

Garages are often used as storage space. However, too much clutter in your garage can pose a danger to your safety. Too much clutter can be a tripping hazard and can block emergency exits. Plus, it can lead to mold growth or other health hazards in your living space. Help to reduce your risk by cleaning your garage. Minimize the clutter by getting rid of the items that you no longer need, and organizing the items that you keep. That way you have plenty of room in your garage so that you can keep your home safer.

Avoid Break-Ins.

Your garage poses a risk for burglaries. Burglars often use the garage for easy access into your home. Keep your garage door closed unless you must open it, and always keep the door to your home locked. That way you can reduce your risk for a break-in.

Keep your home safe with these garage safety tips. Protect your home with the right homeowners insurance so that your home is secure. Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in North Texas. We’ll work to get you the right coverage from one of our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance so you can rest easy with excellent protection.