How To: Get A Good Driver Discount

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Staying Safe Can Also Protect Your Wallet

When you get behind the wheel, you obviously have a commitment to driving safely. Not only do you want to avoid a painful injury, you also do not want to have to deal with the hassle and expense that even a minor fender-bender can bring into your life. Fortunately, that emphasis on protecting your vehicle on the road can also help protect your bank account in the form of a good driver discount.

Nearly all-insurance providers offer this discount to their carriers who had a clean driving record, and the savings can total up to hundreds of dollars. What is considered “good” driving can be broken down into two components: avoiding accidents and avoiding violations for an extended period of time (usually 5 years).

Avoiding accidents does not mean that you will be penalized if you are rear-ended by a careless driver. It simply means ensuring that you are not involved in any accidents for which you are at-fault.

Avoiding violations means obeying the basic traffic laws so you are not hit with a ticket for reckless driving, speeding, or (perhaps most importantly) a DUI.

To avoid losing your good driver discount because of a little hiccup, look into minor violation and accident forgiveness. In some cases, this will not only waive the surcharges that follow a minor accident or ticket, but can also help you hold on to your good driver status.

If you have a less than perfect driving record, the best thing you can do is start driving carefully now. Once you are able to prove that you have a clean record for an extended period of time, you will again become eligible for this money saving status.

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