Good News! Homeowners Insurance in Frisco, TX Can Cover Food Spoilage

If a power outage spoiled a fridge full of food, your homeowners insurance in Frisco, TX will likely cover it!

There’s something so satisfying about having a full fridge of groceries. For starters, it means you don’t have to brave the grocery store for at least a couple of days. But, a full fridge also shows that you can keep your family fed and healthy – which is awesome! That is – until the power goes out. If it does, don’t panic! If an extended power outage causes food spoilage in your fridge, your homeowners insurance in Frisco, TX will likely pick up the tab.

Your power’s out for more than a few hours, and you’re bummed. All the food in your fridge – from the meat and produce you just bought to the fancy condiments you’ve been carefully rationing for months – needs to be tossed. The bill for replacing all of those food items can easily reach into the hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay it! If the power outage came as a result of a covered cause (e.g. a windstorm), your home insurance provider will likely offer you reimbursement for the food spoilage up to your policy limits. (For something like food spoilage, the limit is usually about $500.)

Keep in mind that you can’t be responsible for the outage, or you won’t get coverage. So if you fridge went out because you haven’t cleaned the coils in months or your power’s out because you were doing a little lighting DIY, your insurance won’t cover the loss.

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