Check Out These Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea!

Drink up! These health benefits of green tea make it well worth the few minutes it takes to brew a cup.

You’re likely not surprised to hear (or, more likely, be reminded) that green tea is great for your health! But if you’re not regularly downing cups of this tea, you probably don’t know exactly why it’s touted. There are some serious health benefits of green tea, and we’d like to give you just a few to motivate you to brew a couple cups a day.

  1. Experts say regularly drinking green tea can cut your risk of high blood pressure. It also reduces bad cholesterol.
  2. Green tea is believed to kill cancer cells while leaving the other cells around them unharmed. It’s specifically linked to reducing the risk of esophageal cancer.
  3. Scientists studying mice found that green tea didn’t only stop brain cells from dying, it actually helped restore damaged ones. As a result, they think this liquid can help delay Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  4. Green tea is said to help the lining of your blood vessels stay relaxed, making it easier for them to stand up to changes in your blood pressure. It can also minimize your risk of blood clots. Both of these things can help you avoid heart disease.
  5. Each cup contains an amino acid called theanine, which helps your body relax. As a result, green tea is believed to help defend against depression. 
  6. When you drink green tea, you help your body regulate its glucose levels. The prevents insulin spikes and can help you fend off diabetes.

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