Here’s a list of reasons for all insurance types

Insurance. That word carries major significance. As a consumer, we think of insurance as protection from losses and the assurance that you will recoup most of your losses. Is that really true though? There are two sides to having insurance. Most of the time, consumers don’t take the time to really understand how this can affect them financially. Let’s take a look:

  • Car insurance, homeowners, renters and health insurance can be considered insurance that you need and should have. It’s basically what most people think about when insurance comes to mind and they have certain assurances when they carry it.
  • Disability and life insurance. These are optional but usually work best if you have dependents. It provides for them in the event of a death or situation where you become disabled.
  • Warranties, car rental and variable annuity insurance. These are a toss-up. A lot of people get this type of insurance either to find out they were literally pouring money down the drain. There’s really no return on your investment. Rethink these choices.

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