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Why Choose The Mike Leonard Agency in Irving,TX?

Auto Insurance in Irving, TX

While it is crucial that you protect your valuable home, you are more likely to end up in court for something you do out on the road. Ensure that you are never left facing a pricey settlement in addition to body shop bills and medical expenses for someone you injured by carrying Irving, TX auto insurance. You know the state of Texas legally requires you to carry some level of liability coverage, but the dedicated team at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency can help you round out your policy to ensure you are fully protected.

Beyond safeguarding you against having to pay for other peoples’ expenses, we will also tailor your policy to protect your wallet against costs of your own. That means that we can help you get the right coverage to ensure you can get the medical care you need to get back to healthy after an accident without having to tap into your savings. We can also help you get the protection you need to repair or replace your vehicle after an accident, vandalism, or theft.

Ultimately, the expert staff at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency is here to create the perfect Irving, TX auto insurance policy to protect your hard-earned money. To ensure the work you do pads your own pockets, call us today!

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Homeowners Insurance in Irving, TX

Monday morning rolls around yet again. You drag yourself out of bed and head off to start your work-week grind. Why? To earn money, so that you can give your family the best possible life.

If you are willing to invest 40 hours a week to safeguard your financial future, why would you not invest a little energy into protecting that future? With the right Irving, TX homeowners insurance coverage, you ensure that one of your biggest financial investments is not in a position to be swept away from you. By carrying the right level of homeowners insurance coverage, you protect yourself against the expense of rebuilding and replacing all of your personal property after a home fire. Similarly, you avoid the costs that could come with repairing your home and your possessions after a natural disaster.

Buying purchasing homeowners insurance in Irving, TX, you also protect your liability. That means that if one of your houseguests gets injured and decides to sue you, your coverage will kick in to pay for court fees and settlements, ensuring you do not have to dig into your savings just to survive the suit.

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