Uh Oh, Fido: Will Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

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 When Your Coverage Will Kick In After Animal Damages

Pet owners know that when you bring your pet home, you bring in a new family member. You also bring in an increased exposure to risk because your precious pet can damage your personal belongings. When you come home to a decent amount of pet damage, you will probably want to call up your insurance provider.

Unfortunately, your cat shredding your couch or your dog ruining your carpet will not generally be covered by your homeowners insurance. Your policy most likely excludes coverage for damages caused by your pet to your personal property or the structures around your home.

Your homeowners insurance can protect you against your pet’s bursts of energy in other ways, though. If your pets act out of character and bites someone or damages someone else’s property, the liability coverage you carry as part of your homeowners insurance policy will kick in. It will protect you against the risk of an expensive court case caused by a misbehaving pet.

There is another way your homeowners insurance protects against animal damages. If a wild animal causes damage to the structure of your home, your policy may be able to cover the cost of repairs. Note that your homeowners insurance will likely not protect your personal belongings if they are damaged by a non-domesticated animal that breaks into your home or cover the costs of dealing with an animal infestation. Review your policy to understand the specifics of the coverage it offers you.

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