How to Avoid Electrical Hazards in Your Backyard

Setting up your backyard to entertain the entire family often involves adding speakers, lights, and maybe even heating equipment. Unfortunately, many appliances homeowners add in the summer or winter pose a serious electrical risk to you and your family. Carefully arrange your equipment to avoid any chance of a shock.

Have your pool’s filtration unit and heater inspected by an electrician before you start swimming for the season. Ask the pro to inspect your outdoor outlets as well to ensure they haven’t been compromised by insects or moisture. Each switch, outlet, or other active component must be kept at least five feet from standing water at all times.

Battery operated devices may seem safe, but they still pose electrocution risks if exposed to water. Keep CD players and other items away from the pool and take them in if rain starts falling. Finally, only use extension cords in dry weather and stick with ones that are rated for that kind of use. For more ways to protect your home and family during the summer and information on homeowners insurance, contact Mike Leonard Insurance.