How To: Organize Your Work Desk to Maximize Productivity

Struggling with productivity at work? Try reorganizing your desk to help yourself out!

Experts say that the average person loses about an hour a day due to disorganization. If you’re having a hard time being productive and motivated at work, it could be because your mental energy is working towards finding the things you need. Stop making your work life harder than it needs to be! Use these tips to organize your work desk for greater productivity and less stress.

  • Mind your monitor. If you work with a computer, put it in the middle of your desk. Elevate it to eye level, and make sure it’s placed at least a foot and a half away from your body.
  • Focus on your phone. Put your phone, or any other item you use all the time, on the same side of your desk as your dominant hand. This will make it much easier to grab.
  • Support your supplies. Make sure your office supplies are located in the most sensible spot. So that pen you use every day can go right on your desk (preferably in a nice pen cup or other designated spot), but the stapler you only use once every couple weeks should be stashed in a drawer.
  • More is not more. When it comes to sticky notes and personal items, less is best. You’ll be able to keep up with a couple of sticky notes, but once you get more than five you likely won’t even see them as reminders – just a collection of colorful paper. Similarly, a couple of nice personal items can make your desk feel homey, but more than that will leave it looking cluttered.

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