How To Remove A Car Stuck In The Mud

The first idea, of course, is to avoid getting stuck in the first place. As long as a vehicle is moving, it isn’t quite stuck. That may at first seem too elementary, but there is truth in the notion that stopping in the mud is the best way to get stuck there. Keep it moving. There are three basic ways to remove a car that is stuck in mud. You can use momentum, adhesion, or extraction.



Once you are stuck, however, momentum can still be used to get you out. If the vehicle can move at all under its own power, you may be able to rock it forward and backward enough to get it moving. Then use the momentum of it falling back in place as a boost for moving in the other direction. Keep rocking back and forth and you may be able to gain enough momentum to drive it out.



If you can’t get out using just momentum, you may be able to increase the traction of your drive wheels. Increase their adhesion even in wet mud, by inserting something drier and less slippery under the wheels. Sand, gravel, newspapers, a length of board, or even a tree limb can supply enough drier adhesion to get moving. Just remember that you may get only one or two tries at this before whatever you put under there is as wet and slippery as the mud, itself.



If all else fails, there is always extraction using a tow from another vehicle, or a winch from yours or another vehicle. Call a towing service or a friend with the capability to help. But remember that if you are doing this yourself, traction is the key. Rapidly spinning tires don’t do much except make noise and splash mud–least of all, pull you out of the mud. Try to get wheels turning SLOWLY, in both vehicles, and the problem may be solved. Increase speed only gradually as you gain ground out of the hole.


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