If your Home Catches Fire, do you Have the Correct Insurance?

When you lose everything in a fire, it is a shocking experience. Even if you have home insurance or car insurance that includes home coverage, you might not be as safe as you expect.

Read Your Policy

Before you assume that your policy covers everything, you need to look at the details of the coverage. Your policy might have clauses that reduce the amount your insurer will pay if a fire occurs or you might only have the building covered for damages, but not any personal belongings within the building.

Evaluate the Possible Losses

After determining the exact coverage that you have in case of a fire, calculate the cost and value of the items that are not covered. If the amount is too high for you to manage after a fire, then it might be necessary to obtain additional coverage for your home or belongings.

The amount of insurance that homeowners have on a house will vary between companies and policies. In some cases, you will need to consider getting extra coverage to protect your home and assets. To learn more about the coverage that you might need in Texas, contact Mike Leonard Insurance.