Marvel At The World’s Innovative Public Transportation

You’ll be amazed at these innovative modes of public transportation!

When you think of public transportation, what comes to mind? Convenience? Cost? Cleanliness?

Even as we rely on public transportation in many of our metro areas, we may not be aware of how much progress these systems are making around the world. Here are a few of the most amazing, innovative public transportation options across our globe.     

  • Smartest: In Hong Kong, the Mass Transit Railway runs with an artificial intelligences system that oversees more than 10,000 engineers who perform maintenance on the train. Plus, riders can pay their way with a handy card called the Octopus, which they can also use to feed parking meters, pay for their groceries, and buy fast food!
  • Deepest: In Pyongyang, North Korea, the metro system dives to over 100 meters below ground level.
  • Fastest: Right now, Japan holds the title for fastest transit, thanks to their bullet trains, which top out at 177 mph. They’re going to break their own record soon, though, with the help of magnetic levitation (or maglev) trains that have hit 374 mph in trials.
  • Greenest: In Adelaide, Australia, Tindo (Aboriginal for sun) buses run around off solar energy collected from panels at the bus station in the city’s center. Perhaps because the city can power their buses with just the sun’s rays, riders can use this transport system for free (plus it has Wi-Fi)!

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