Installing Your Own Foundation Soaking System to Foil the Drought

The drought is causing foundation problems for many in our area, particularly for homes that were built on clay. The time to be proactive in helping to ease the stress on your foundation is now.

Many people will simply water their foundations a few times a week. This can be a bit time consuming. A few hours devoted to a weekend project, and you can have your own foundation soaker system in place for the summer.

Start by identifying where your outdoor spigots are located. You will then want to measure around your home to determine how much soaker hose you will need to purchase. Some homeowners will attach a Y-splitter to their spigots taking water in two directions around their home.

Dig a 3 inch deep trench around your home that is at least 6 inches away from your foundation. This is where you will lay your soaker hose. Working from the spigot, lay the hose in the trench and cover with the displaced dirt. Mulch over this area will also help keep the moisture in the ground.

There are even spigot timers available to make the watering process even more hands free. In a few hours you can have a foundation watering system installed.

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