Prevent Your Homeowners Insurance in Frisco, TX from Cancelling with These Tips

Keep your homeowners insurance in Frisco from cancelling with these tips!

Homeowners insurance in Frisco is important when it comes to protecting your property. Once you’ve signed the title is transferred over to your name, the first thing you should do is invest in the right homeowners policy.  While it’s a necessary way to protect your property, every so often, your policy is at risk for cancellation. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to disaster and check out these tips to help avoid having your policy cancelled.

Don’t Leave an Empty Home:

Leaving for a quick vacation won’t affect your insurance. However, if your home is empty for more than thirty days, you may be at risk for a cancelled home insurance policy. Before you leave, contact your insurance agent. They can help to find solutions and keep your coverage with a vacant home insurance policy.  That way you’re not left without protection.

Keep Up on Your Home Maintenance:

Your home insurance won’t give you coverage for damages caused by lack of proper home maintenance. Take good care of your home to prevent any damage. The more you take care of your home, the less likely you’ll be to face serious issues down the line. If your insurance company discovers that you’ve neglected to take proper care of your home, you’re at risk for a policy cancellation.

Make Timely Payments:

Just like it’s important to make your credit card payments on time, you need to make your insurance premium payments on time. If you frequently slip up when it comes to making your monthly payment, you could be at risk for a cancelled policy.

When it comes to protecting your home adequately, it’s important to prevent your homeowners insurance in Frisco from cancelling. Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in North Texas. We’ll work to get you the right coverage from one of our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance so you can rest easy with great protection.