Is renters insurance affordable?

More and more people are changing from owning a home to becoming a renter. As a renter there is less to worry about when it comes to the home that you are living in. From an insurance standpoint you still have to get coverage to protect your personal belongings from loss and you have to cover your liability exposures. Here are a few things to think about when calculating the cost of renter’s insurance.

What Drives the Cost of Renter’s Insurance

  • Home Insurance and car insurance are based on the type of home or car that you own. Renter’s insurance is priced based on how much stuff you own.
  • Part of the cost also includes how much liability exposure that you want to insure yourself against.
  • Your deductible choice will also add to the cost but check the difference between the 500 and the 250 dollar amounts. The difference is usually just a few dollars per year.
  • A renter’s insurance policy usually runs a few hundred dollars per year.

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