Keep Your Home Safe from Carbon Monoxide

Learn how you can keep your family safe from carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas produced by burning carbon-based fuel sources such as natural gas, charcoal, wood, and so on.  When inhaled, carbon monoxide blocks the passage of oxygen to the different parts of the body.  Prolonged exposure to the gas can eventually result in death.  Make sure that your loved ones aren’t in danger; follow these steps to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide.

1) Check Your Vents

To ensure that your home stays well-ventilated, make sure you regularly check your home’s external vents.  If it’s stormy, windy, or snowing outside, then debris can accumulate in front of your home’s vents.  These blockages can stop carbon monoxide from exiting your home.  To prevent the buildup of toxic gas, regularly check your vents and clear away any obstructions.

2) Avoid Running Engines in Enclosed Spaces

You should never run an engine or burn fuel in an enclosed or poorly ventilated area of your home.  For instance, you should avoid running your car if the garage door is closed and you should never run a generator or light up a grill in places like your attic or basement.  Avoiding these practices will prevent dangerous levels of carbon monoxide from accumulating inside your home.

3) Install Detectors

Carbon monoxide is both colorless and odorless, making it virtually undetectable to the human senses.  That’s why it’s important to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.  Carbon monoxide detectors work in a similar manner to smoke alarms.  The detectors set off an alarm that alerts the entire household when it senses carbon monoxide in the air.  These detectors should be installed on every floor and in every sleeping area of your home.  If you hear your detector go off, you should evacuate your home and call emergency services to report a possible gas leak.

These are just a few of the precautions you can take to protect your home and keep your family safe from carbon monoxide.  Want another way to protect your home?  Then make sure you have the right insurance to fit your needs.  To find the best policies for you, turn to the experts at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in North Texas.  Our dedicated team is ready to find you the right coverage from one of our many carriers including: Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance.  Contact us to get started today.