Keep Kids Safe: Common Questions About Car Seats & Car Insurance in Frisco, TX

As a parent, you want to keep your kids safe. Do that with answers to these common car seat questions and car insurance in Frisco, TX!

Taking your kids out on the road is always pretty scary. After all, they’re the most precious cargo you’ll ever transport! Car seats can help you keep them safe, but what’s the right way to use them? To help you keep your kids safe, we’ve gathered answers to the most common car seat questions and great options for car insurance in Frisco, TX.

“Where should I put the car seat?”

The CDC says you should never put a car seat in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Instead, position it in the rear center seat, using either your car’s LATCH system or the middle seat belt to secure the base. Press the seat down and tighten the strap to make sure the fit is snug. You don’t want the car seat to wiggle more than an inch in any direction.

“How snugly should the straps fit my child?”

You want your kids to be secure in their seats, but you also don’t want to bind them too tightly! To help find a balance, use the pinch test. If you can pinch the harness strap and gather material between your fingers, it’s too loose.

“How do I know I’m doing it right?”

It’s normal to get a little nervous that you didn’t install the seat correctly! Head to a Child Passenger Safety Technician to have a pro double-check your work. You can find these technicians at your local fire or police stations.

Bonus Tip: Car seats expire! Make sure you check the expiration date before using that hand-me-down or the seat from your first child.

If you want to offer your family the best protection out on the road, you should layer car insurance in Frisco, TX on top of correct car seat use. To learn more about what your North Texas car coverage can do to safeguard your kids, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We’ll dig through policies from carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance to find the right policy for your family.