Keep Kids Safe from Dog Bites

Kids and dogs can be fast friends and precious playmates, but dog bites can turn a fun pet-child relationship into a dangerous medical situation. Understanding how to protect children from dog bites can ensure that your kid stays safe when interacting with dogs.

When it comes to keeping little kids safe from dog bites, supervision is essential. According to the American Humane Association, 50 percent of dog attacks occur to kids under age 5, and children from 5 to 9 get bitten more often than kids of other ages.

Teach older kids to practice dog safety. Since most bites occur to the head and neck, teach your child to avoid putting his face near a dog’s face. Kids should never approach an unfamiliar dog, and they should be taught not to pull a dog’s legs, tail, or ears. Dogs who are busy eating or chewing on a toy may bite if startled, so kids should be instructed to wait until the dog has finished before trying to initiate play.

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