Keeping Your House Safe While You Are Away Over the Holidays

Going on vacation around the holidays it is supposed to be a fun experience. However, when you consider the fact that your home will be left unattended during this time of year, which is known as being one of the worst seasons for home break-ins, it can cause some concern. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure your home is safe while you are away, and they are as follows:

Set outside and inside lights on a timer:

The timer aspect on the lights allow them to come on and off in irregular intervals mimicking that of an occupied home. Make sure your outside lights illuminate out at least 100 feet around your home, and add motion-sensor lighting to the exterior of your home.

Ask a neighbor to keep watch:

Inform a trustworthy neighbor of your vacation plans, and ask them to periodically check on your home while you are away.

Lock up outdoor tools:

Many times, thieves will use a homeowner’s own tools such as ladders to break into their house. This is easy to do if the ladder is left in an unlocked shed or hung outside where it is easily accessed. Therefore, it is best to lock up anything that can be used as a tool for breaking into a home.

Move valuables away from the windows:

Before leaving for vacation, walk around your home and look in your windows. If you can easily see valuables such as an expensive painting, jewelry or a laptop from outside, you should consider moving these items out of sight before you leave.  

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